Beyond a safer world

Each day millions of people go to work and risk their lives with one goal: keeping all of us safe. Behind these people are countless efforts to support them with the right tools, information and technology.


We at LiveOP recognize modern-day technological possibilities as the foundation of revolutionary changes, that could help prevent disasters and save the lives of many. We have claimed our position in the frontline of this revolution with our expertise, talented professionals and invaluable partners and clients.


The challenges of public safety organizations and governments do not lie in the dedication to create safety of their civilians. Enabling the executive staff with the right knowledge, environment and tools to acquire the bests results is the real challenge wherein we aim to assist.

The three major areas of improvement, that are the foundation of our work

Trust and collaboration

The responsibility of public safety is divided between different organizations with their own responsibilites and areas of expertise. Municipals, Fire Departments, Police Departments, Ambulance and health services etc. all work in their respective area of expertise.


    In reality, these organizations work towards the same greater goal. The opportunity of working seamlessly together and share knowledge unlocks a massive potential, that changes their effectiveness immensely and makes their work safer.

    This requires trust between the organizations and respect for each others responsibilities, expertise and experience. By creating the right environment and delivering the right tools, LiveOP enables these organizations to make this a reality rather than a pipe dream. This allows you to trust in us, just as much as we trust in you.

    Opportunities created by technology

    The most advanced devices are now available for everyone to use in their daily lives. LiveOP has created a platform that lets public safety services utilize these devices in ways not possible before.

    With the ability to collaborate on incident management from different locations, share photo and video streams, enable remote instructions and collaborate with other safety services, LiveOP utilizes the opportunities of new technology in the most effective ways possible.

    Removal of traditional boundaries

    Our products remove traditional boundaries. Boundaries between organizations, geographical boundaries and economical boundaries.  By offering our services, we assist government agencies and public safety organizations to:

      - Share crucial information between safety organizations in the most critical moments

      - Work together over long distance

      - Allow for the highest expertise, which is often only found in urban areas, to be applied in rural areas where the budgets are low

      - Monitor critical situations from any place, any time

      - Work with the highest quality tools and security

      - Use the best products at affordable rates

      Leading the way

      With our tools and knowledge, we are able to play a leading role in creating the public safety organizations of the future. Not only with great ideas, but first and foremost with effective results.


      We make a promise to every citizen on our planet to do our utmost to assist the brave men and women that keep them save. And we are thankful to all of our partners, clients and users to help us keep this promise.