The most advance tool on the spot

LiveOP X is the most advanced mobile operational intelligence platform for public safety services and government agencies. LiveOP X supports first responders with real-time incident information, instructions, visual guidance and connects to IoT-devices for optimal monitoring. 

Save valuable time

LiveOP X saves first responders precious time, enhances their ability to make better decisions and provides an unmatched ease of use. The ability to allow public safety services to share critical data in the most demanding situations allows for optimal guidance in split-second decisions.

Real-time information on every location

LiveOP X is created with smart cities in mind and utilizes the most advanced technologies to provide a flexible, scalable and sustainable solution. LiveOP X is undeniably the most advance platform on the market and with our strong partnerships with first responders it will only improve going forward.

Real-time connection to dispatch center

LiveOP X offers a real-time connection to the dispatch center. First responders have access to the latest and most important information at any time. LiveOP X allows first responders to share information from the scene, including pictures, with the dispatch center for optimal insight in every situation.

Instantly connected to the dispatch center for real-time data
View live video streams from drones, CCTV-camera’s, webcams and more
Share text, pictures and media with the dispatch center and other men and women in the field

Access to all procedures, tasks, maps before the need to search
Advanced interactive maps with unit position support, interactive building plans, drawing and measuring
Connect to external data systems for instant access to critical data outside of the LiveOP X platform

Discover the potential

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