Imagine to have access to every bit of critical information before asking for it, in every situation. Information from the dispatch center, procedures, camera footage, maps, public events, presented so clearly you are immediately able to make the best decisions from any location. Why wasn't this already available?


    Courage and decisiveness are key values de Police and LiveOP share. Police officers know what they need and they know why. At LiveOP, we know how to convert this into results. Faster, more easy to use and more reliable.

    LiveOP considers it natural to be able to instantly share information, photos, live video, plans and instructions from the incident location with the fellow rescue workers on the scene. For your organization this can now become reality as well.

      LiveOP products for

      police organizations

      LIVEOP X

      Mobile operational intelligence

      • Realtime incident-information
      • Share pictures and messages
      • Live video- and drone-streams
      • Immediate access to procedures and plans
      • Dynamic geo-information and interactive maps