As a municipal, you face great challenges in the responsibilities for the safety of your population. You need to be able to assist public safety organizations with the right support while being able to trust in their efforts. LiveOP products help you create the perfect foundation to turn these challenges into great results.

With our platform and tools you are able to gain insight in the current state of your municipal, collaborate on active incidents and work together with the safety organizations to prevent disasters before they happen. The secret behind our products? They are simply a joy to use.


Improve safety with

LiveOP products

LiveOP provides the tools and

expertise, that allow you to gain more control over the safety in your


LiveOP products help your municipal to drastically

improve the collaboration between safety organizations.

With LiveOP products your municipal creates

the optimal foundation for effective

emergency response and crisis management.

And just as important, you will bring a lot of smiles to

the people who will work with these products.

Get real-time monitoring
and overviews of active
incidents, crises and other
special situations
Facilitate collaboration between
the public safety and emergence response services in your area
By providing our tools to your organization and your emergency response services, you will put smiles on a lot of faces, 
we promise


LiveOP products

for municipals

LiveOP X


Mobile operational intelligence

  • Realtime incident-information
  • Dynamic geo-information and interactive maps
  • Share pictures and messages
  • Live video- and drone-streams
  • Immediate access to procedures and plans
  • Connect to your custom data sources