Seeing is believing

At LiveOP we have the deepest respect for the intense work firemen and -women execute every day to create a safer environment for us all. For this reason, it is something magical to see our products in the heat of action every day, and to see the satisfaction of the people using them.

It is an immense challenge to filter and compress all the preparations, plans, analyzes, all maps, drawings, scenarios and real-time information, in the most hectic situations, to that little piece of critical information that will make the difference between a disaster and a good outcome.

But this is what we do. This is what our products contribute. And this is the reason more and more fire departments rely on LiveOP every day.

    LiveOP products for

    fire departments

    LiveOP X


    Mobile operational intelligence

    • Realtime incident-information
    • Dynamic geo-information and interactive maps
    • Share pictures and messages
    • Live video- and drone-streams
    • Immediate access to procedures and plans
    • Connect to your custom data sources